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Arinos Lanka has the partnership with Japanese Language School “Kawahara Academy” in Matsuyama, Japan

In January 2019, Arinos Lanka Co(Pvt)Ltd. has the partnership with “Kawahara Academy” which is one of the biggest educational institute in Western Japan. Kawahara Academy also supplies Japanese lanuage course for foreigners.

The process is follwing.

1. Firstly, Sri Lankan students are required to learn Basic Japanese Language course in Arinos Lanka. This is the 3 months special course.
(*When students complete this course, they are entitled to apply for Kawahara Academy.)

2. They are supposed to submit some documents for application and to have an interview session.

3. If they pass all the process, they can travel to Japan to begin with the study-in-Japan.

We are welcoming your inquiry on the study-in-Japan. Now we prepare for the application on May 2019. If you already have JLPT N5 or more level of Japanese proficiency skill, you can be taken into consideration.

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