The most committed, distinguised Japanese school for Sri Lankan Learners. All the classes are conducted by university qualified local teachers with N2 or N1 and all our teachers are committed to making sure that all the students get through the JLPT exam successfully. we follow the Japanese language syllabus recommended by the Japanese National Department of Education.

Our Feature

Our Feature

1. Qualified Lecturer

In Arinos, we are careful of the quality of teacher. All the teachers graduate from university specializing in Japanese, and have at lease the qualification of JLPT N2 or more than that. They are all professionals as a Japanese Language teacher.

2. Unique Curriculum

We offer the classes for both individuals and group, depending on the demand by the students. Our curriculum is especially focused on the listening and speaking, because it is most important to communicate with Japanese when they go to Japan. They do not only pass the JLPT examination, but also have the real command of Japanese language

3. Flexible Schedule

We can discuss the course schedule flexibly to fit students’ needs, and we held classes on weekdays and Saturdays. Students talk with the teachers and decide the schedule before the class starts.All the classes will be held online. We have special night classes for professionals.

4. Coaching Method

Our course give the students a lot of homework after the class session. This is quite important to acquire the real language skill. We expect the students to practice day-to-day routine cycle with self-study. If they don’t do that, it should be bery slow to develop the Japanese skill.

5. Various Textbook

We use various reference books of Japanese language as well as our own study materials. This is newly updated textbooks which include a lot of phrases native Japanese often use even today.

6. Commitment

We are not only responsible for teaching Japanese, but also try to make students achieve their own goals such as study-in Japan, JLPT N3, communication skill with Japanese people. In order to achieve their purpose, all the teachers always support you seriously and thoroughly!

Our Courses/fee

Our Courses/fee

1. Regular Course

JLPT/NAT (N5/N4/N3/N2/N1)

All the courses focus on progression through the levels of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) or NAT exam. These courses are recommended for students who wish to attend JLPT or NAT test and have international recognized certificates. We are committed to your passing of JLPT exam.

N5 course – Rs.30,000 (basically 3 months)

N4 course – Rs.30,000 (basically 3 months)

N3 course – Rs.60,000 (basically 6 months)

Special N3 Course for qualified Engineers with 50% refund policy – Rs.60,000 (basically 6 months)

Please send inquiries if you are a learner for N2 or N1

Refund policy: 50% of the total class fees will be refunded if we couldn’t introduce you to a job within 6 months after passing N3 examination. *Only for the qualified engineers


In our classes, we follow the Japanese language syllabus recommended by the National Department of Education. And also use recommended textbooks for O/L & A/L as study materials.

Class commencement dates :

Please contact us for the details

2. Special Courses for Professionals

Online Japanese Language Course for qualified engineers or fresh graduates targeting JLPT N3.

This special course is for candidates who haven’t learnt the Japanese language before and wish to work in Japan in a short period of time.

Please contact us for the latest class schedule

  • Full Time course (3-5 days a week) – 06 Months – Rs.60,000.00
  • Part Time course (Weekend) – 12 Months (Sunday and Saturday only) – Rs.80,000.00

*** Refund policy: 50% of the total class fees will be refunded if we couldn’t introduce you to a job within 6 months after passing N4/N3 examination.
*** Each course FREE registration.
***Can be paid as monthly installments. (Only for part-time course)

Online Japanese Language Course

Online classes for your convenience (Zoom).

Lesson recordings (Uploading to shared drive folder).

Lesson material (PDF) will be shared with the students.

Qualified teaching pannel (Graduated from recognized universities)

Awarding a valuable certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Lecturer introduction

Lecturer introduction

All the classes are conducted by university qualified Sri Lankan teachers with N2 or N1. Our teachers import newly updated methods of teaching Japanese from the affiated Japanese Language School in Japan,which is our unique point in Sri Lanka. Some of our teachers have experienced study in Japan. Students can ask them real situation of current Japan.

Our achievements

Our achievements

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